Wednesday, December 21, 2011


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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I went mobile.

Now you can view my blog in a comfortable modified browser for mobile devices. Also, I downloaded the Blogger app. I can upload in the middle of the night now. Yay!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

High School Stupid: H Biology

There are some very special kids at my High School. I will just use a conversation I had with my friend as proof of this. So, in my Honors Biology class, my teacher likes to screw with us a bit. On every test, he likes to 'push' us by putting a few questions in abot a topic that we did not discuss. My friend was complaining about the most recent test.

 Friend: I hate these tests! I got all the questions abot Homostasis wrong. When did we even talk about this?

Me: I got those questions right...

 How? We never talked about them.

 Well, think about it. What does the prefix homo mean?


 What?! No! But we will work with that. What does homosexual mean?


 No! Well, more or less. It leans closer towards...


 Yes, Bisexual or same sex. So if homosexual means same sex, then what does homo mean?


 NO! Homo does not mean gay! Think, if homosexual means same sex, homosexual, SAME sex, then what does homo mean?





 At that point I just gave up. I don't know what is worse, the fact that it actually happened, or the fact that this is an HONORS class. Follow for more to come. -TBK

Hello Ladles and Mentlegen!

So, I guess you could call this my introduction post. My name is Justafleshwound, but some call me The Black Knight or TBK for short. There is no real purpose to this blog other than to write stuff that goes over the character limit on my Twitter. I guess I should introduce myself a bit more. I am 14 years old, Freshman in High School. I lime to play video games, watch football, read, and occasionally write. I have a YouTube channel and twitter account along with a skype and Y! Messenger, All under the name of justafleshw0und. I spend most of my free time on the PlanetMinecraft forums. There are a bunch of links to all this junk below. Here I will post updates to my YouTube, maybe a story or two, news about a game called Minecraft, gaming news in general, and whatever the hell else I feel like posting. I hope you do follow this blog and I look forward to future updates. -TBK YouTube: Twitter:!/JustaFleshW0und Skype: Justafleshw0und Y! Messenger: Justafleshw0und